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Whether you're at the airport, at a sporting event or a concert, going through security can be a pain. And if you've ever stood in a line that barely moved and longed to be one of those people rushing down Clear Lane next to you, you're in luck.

Ako imateFrom Platinum Card® to American Express,De Business Platinum Card® iz American ExpressafromAmerican Express® Green Cardin your wallet, you can cover the full cost of your Clear Plus membership - and maybe a family member's share.

Here's everything you need to know about this valuable benefit.

What is Amex Clear Plus Credit?

Clear is an accelerated third-party security program that uses iris and fingerprint scanners instead of photo ID to identify you. If you have a Clear membership, you can effectively skip to the front of the security line at certain airports and entertainment venues across the country.

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In practice, you enter a special security point and enter your biometric data at a kiosk. At the airport, you then go to the gray containers for hand luggage. Even better: if you have TSA PreCheck,you can still use that option.

A one-year Clear Plus membership normally costs $189. It's convenientamex platinum,Amex Business-platinaandAmex Greeneach comes with up to $189 in Clear Plus account credits each calendar year. Registration is mandatory.

This means you can get a free membership – and potentially extend this benefit to other members of your family.

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How to use Amex Clear Plus credit

You need to register your card to activate this statement, but the process is simple.

First, log into your American Express account, then select Amex with Clear Plus (if it's not a standard card). Click on the "Rewards & Benefits" icon at the top.

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On the next screen, click on "Preferences" in the upper right corner. This will take you to a page with tiles, each explaining a different benefit of your card. Find the one labeled "$189 Clear Credit" and note your status. Once you've registered, you're ready to use the benefits. Otherwise, click the icon to activate the benefit.

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Once your Amex is registered, you can apply for Clear online. However, consider applying viaDelta-link,United ConnectionfromAlaska Airlines-link. This is a critical step if you're a member of one (or more) of these airline loyalty programs and hope to extend Clear's benefits to an adult family member—which typically costs $70 per year.

That's because Delta SkyMiles, United MileagePlus and Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members can sign up for a discounted Clear membership — from a $10 discount to a completely free membership, depending on your status level and the credit cards you have:

  • General members of these programs:$179 per year ($10 off).
  • Delta Air Lines and United Airlines credit card holders:$149/year ($40 off).
  • Join the ranks of silver, gold and platinum medal winners:$149/year ($40 off).
  • United Premier Silver, Gold i Platinum rangovi:$149/year ($40 off).
  • Delta Diamond Medallion and 360º Members:Free membership.
  • United Premier 1K and Global Services members:Free membership.

Discounts that United and Delta flyers received previously were higher,but the discounts were adjusted in February 2023.

Note that while Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members only receive a $10 discount, they will earn additional miles when they sign up for the sweepstakes. MVP, MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K and MVP Gold 100K get 1,500 when they sign up and 1,250 additional miles that they renew each year.

Children under 18 travel free with a registered adult, which means your family can then use the program when combining Amex benefits and Clear discounts - free or almost.

Regardless of how you sign up for Clear, you must use your registered Amex card to pay for your membership (and your dependents, if applicable).

Amex says the credit report should appear within two to four weeks, but TPG employees noticedusually starts within a day or two. Of course, your results may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Amex Clear Plus Credit

Where does Clear operate?

Clear is far from ubiquitous, but it continues to expand into new locations. You can currently find dedicated lanes at about 50 US airports and nearly 20 entertainment venues, including New York's Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden (see all locations).

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But if you don't think you'll be traveling through these airports or visiting these places regularly, this benefit won't be of much value to you.

Can I get both TSA PreCheck/Global Entry and Clear?

You can - and you must. These Trusted Traveler programs meet completely different needs:

  • Of courseallowing you to effectively cut through the airport security line.
  • TSA controlPlease do not wear shoes, belt and coat when going through the TSA metal detector. You can also carry your laptop and TSA-compliant toiletries in your carry-on.
  • Global importexpedite your immigration process once you enter the United States.

Read our post furtherthe best credit card for Global Entrylearn to getTSA PreCheck and worldwide accessfree.

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Can I use Clear Plus credit for friends and family?

Yes. You don't have to use it for your own membership; it can be for everyone. As long as you register your qualifying Amex card and then use it to pay for Clear, you'll receive up to $189 in rebates each calendar year.

Here is a screenshot of a TPG employee who added three family members to their account. (If you add someone to your account, Clear will prorate the year to match your current membership—hence the odd dollar amounts.)

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Plus, when you add family members to your account, they get full Clear Plus membership themselves. They don't have to travel with you to enjoy the benefits.

Can I use the credit to buy Clear gift cards?

Unfortunately no. Clear gift cards are processed by a third party called eGifter. In other words, your Amex won't see it as a Clear purchase, so the credit won't be activated.

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Is this the only way to get a discount on Clear Plus membership?

As mentioned earlier, it's possible to save on Clear through two major airline loyalty programs: both Delta and United offer discounted (or even free) membership options.

Here are the details:

  • The highest levelDelta diamond locketandUnited 1Kmembers: free.
  • Every other member withdelta statefromUnited status: $149 per year.
  • Basic card holders aDeltashe hasUnited credit card: $149 per year.
  • General Delta or United members: $179 per year.

To take advantage of these offers, register through the Delta or United link. Clear should automatically deduct your qualifying discount.

One important clarification: If you have an Amex with Clear benefits, you will not be charged the Clear membership fee on your Delta or United card. Even if you, as the cardholder, unlock the discounted rates, you must use your qualifying Amex to activate Clear credit.

Do I have to use Clear credit at once?

You don't have to use this $189 credit all at once. Activates when you pay Clear - up to $189 per calendar year. This is useful if you qualify for discounts in one of the above ways. That way, you can pay for your membership and then add a family member (or more if you have premium status on Delta or United).

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How can I complete my registration?

Unfortunately, paying the Clear membership fee with your Amex to activate the statement is only the first step in the application process. Once you've submitted your information online, complete the process anywhere at the airport. Bring your official ID, such as a driver's license or passport.

The representative will scan your eyes and fingerprints. From there, you're ready to take advantage of the enhanced security on your flights. Then you can use the benefit immediately.

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It boils

Clear doesn't get as much attention as trusted traveler programsTSA controlandGlobal import, but reducing your wait time at airport security can be a lifesaver. And you can unlock a free membership with a popular travel credit card.

Fromamex platinum,Amex Business-platinaandAmex Greeneach offers up to $189 per calendar year in statement credits that can be used with Clear Plus. By combining this benefit with other discount options, you can access these biometric security strips on your next trip and potentially add family members at no out-of-pocket cost.

Official link to apply:Platina card American Express

Official link to apply:American Express Business Platinum Card

Official link to apply:American Express Green Card

CheckCardMatch Toolto see if you want a higher offer. These offers are subject to change at any time.

Additional reporting by Emily Thompson and Ryan Smith.

For Amex Platinum rates and fees,click here.

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For Amex green card rates and fees,click here.

Editorial Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author, not those of any bank, credit card company, airline, or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

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